7 Natural Wonders Phenomenon Indonesia

1 . Not Stinging Jellyfish Lake Kakaban , East Kalimantan
Kakaban is one of the islands belonging to the Derawan Islands . Kakaban entered in Berau regency , East Kalimantan . Wonders who owned this area is brackish water lake , Lake Kakaban .

How not magic , this lake is known for having a unique ecosystem . If it had been known for jellyfish stings , in this lake actually had a jellyfish that did not sting .

Kakaban lake has 4 types of different jellyfish . These four types of jellyfish are moon jellyfish , spotted jellyfish , box jellyfish and jellyfish upside down .

Type upside down jellyfish that’s the most the most unique . Yes , because jellyfish are located at the bottom of the lake with tentacles facing upwards . One thing that is strange , because usually the jellyfish tentacles are upwards facing down .

2 . The eternal flame at the Kayangan Api , Java
One more miracle of nature that exist in Indonesia is an eternal flame . As the name implies , this fire always comes out of the ground and never goes out , once the rain flushed . If you would like to see this extraordinary phenomenon , a traveler can come to Kayangan Api , in Bojonegoro , East Java .

Kayangan fire is believed to have magical values ​​by the surrounding community . In addition to the Kayangan Api , there is also the eternal flame in the Prohibition Tököl Village , District Tlanakan , Pamekasan , Madura .

Was not only in East Java , Central Java also has an eternal flame . Known as the Eternal Fire Merapen , this natural wonder is located in the village of Manggarmas , Godong , Grobogan , Central Java .

Merapen Eternal fire is often used as a source of flame torches for various sporting events in the country . The fire source is also used for Buddhist ceremonies feast , the Vesak . Of Grobogan , the sacred fire was brought to Borobudur temple which became the center of the Holy Day of Vesak in Indonesia.

3 . White sand in the Baliem Valley , Papua
Who says there’s only sand at the beach ? The proof , Aikima village in the Baliem Valley , Jayawijaya , Papua , have white sand in the middle of the valley . Wonders of white sand that seemed to flow from the top of the hill , making flabbergasted traveler .

This unique panorama visible contrast with the background of green mountains and blue sky . When the sun poured its light to Paradise Earth , it also looks white sand sparkles .

The white sand there because of natural formations . Previously , Baliem Valley is a giant lake called WIO . Around 1813 , there was an earthquake that caused a shift and change in geology . From there the Baliem River formed in the middle of this valley . That said , the white sand Aikima Village is one of the ancient lake side .

4 . Blue fire in Kawah Ijen , East Java
Still from mainland East Java , Banyuwangi adventurers can see the natural wonders of the crater owned . Not only had the captivating sunrise , this crater also have a blue flame .

There are only two blue flame phenomena that occur in the world , namely in Iceland and Kawah Ijen in East Java . Even in a press conference in Banyuwangi Festival Sapta Pesona Building , eco tourism consultant , David Makaz confirmed that the phenomenon known as the blue fire was heard up to foreign countries.

To see the beauty of the blue flame , tourists have come at dawn . Only then , clear blue flame . Blue flame at Kawah Ijen is unique and rare . This miracle also adds to the perfection of nature which is owned Kawah Ijen .

5 . Salt on top of the mountain , Mount Krayan , East Kalimantan
Still in East Kalimantan , one more miracle here is that there is salt in the top of the mountain . The salt is in the well in the village of Long Midang , Mount Krayan within 100 km of the sea at a height of 2,400 m above sea level . Magic !

The resulting salt mountain in Krayan have the same appearance with sea salt , which is like sand and white . However , it turns out salt mountain has a higher iodine content than sea salt you know!

The process of making this any different salt with sea salt . The basic ingredients of a water well in the village of Long Midang , one night until the water boiled dry . Once dry , tertinggallah crystal grains which are soaked wet salt and salt is put into sticks and burned until the fire burned bamboo . Burnt remains is what is the dried salt which is then wrapped in leaves and ready for sale .

6 . Bono waves in Kampar River , Riau
River has waves like the ocean ? Of course this is a rare thing that rarely happens . This natural wonder , travelers can find in the Kampar River , Riau .

Even Bono waves is already well known to surfers . Proved recently , Bono became part of a wave of record-breaking longest and longest surf by Steve King , a British surfers . The record is also listed in the Guinness World Records .

This wave has a height of 4 to 6 feet that make the surfer feel challenged . Besides high , these waves are also long , so make surfing more exciting . This anomaly occurs because the current meeting of the Kampar River flows South China Sea .
7 . Pink Beach in Lombok and Flores
Indonesia is one country that has many beautiful beaches . What’s more , there is a beach with a uniqueness that no other beach . In Indonesia is not only one , but there are two beaches with pink sand . The two beaches are barracks Beach in Lombok , NTB and Pink Beach in Flores , NTT .

Location of the barracks is still hidden beach . Differences with Pink Beach is located on the island of Komodo , Flores , NTT , which is not a lot of beach known traveler.

Pink color on both the beach sand grains derived from red coral mixed with sea water . Then , the reflection of sunlight makes the color pink on sand is more visible .


7 Amazing Places in Indonesia

1. Borobudur
You must have known that Borobudur is the world’s 7 wonders is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. This temple was built by Samaratungga – king of the Sailendra dynasty ruled in Central Java. The temple is situated in the village of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java

2. Komodo Island
Komodo Island is one of the unique island in Indonesia why because the island is inhabited animals named Komodo where there is no other place these animals. Komodo is believed to be residual dinosaur ancient animal that is still alive. Besides the animals dragons in this paulau also contained underwater wonders why because dragons seabed waters referred to the best in the world at the bottom of the water dragon island shows dry lands are hilly coral sunguh menabjubkan

3. Three color lakes Kelimutu

The lake is known by the world as one of the nine wonders of the world. Lakes located in three colors Kelimutu, Flores, NTT. There were three adjacent lakes but with different colors. The crater lake is Tiwu Ata Polo (red lake), Tiwu Nua Muri Kooh Fai (green lake) and Ata Tiwu Mbupu (lake blue). Lake Flores is the only lake in the world where the water can be changed at any time, from red to dark green and then red hearts, dark green to light green, dark brown to blue sky. This natural phenomenon is a miracle.

4. Jayawijaya peak and Carstenz

Puncak Jaya Wijaya is the highest peak in the world this peak even entered the top seven continents (Seven Summit) which is phenomenal and a coveted mountain climbers in various parts of the world. This peak is located in the National Park Laurentz, Papua
Almost wijaya glorious peak in eternal snow blanket Jayawijaya Peak is one of the three snow fields in the tropics that are in the world.

5. Prambanan

Prambanan temple is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta is the biggest Hindu temple in asia landmark. The temple itself was built 850 AD.
The temple itself has roro jongrang legend in which a knight named Bandung should membagun a great temples in just one night as roro jongrang syart to apply.

6. Bali Island

Who does not know the island of Bali island is a beautiful island in the world Paing and be the best tourist destination in the world. Bnayak very undah attractions on the island such as Kintamani, Kuta Beach, Lake Batur, Goa Gajah, Siring, Bedugul, Tanah Lot, and so on

7. Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of five mountain mountain complex located in Tengger Mountains in the ocean sand. The appeal of this mountain is a mountain that is still active. Mount Bromo is a tourist attraction is a natural phenomenon with a specificity of natural phenomena that are not found anywhere else is a crater in the middle of the crater (in the creater creater) with a stretch of sea sand that surrounds it.


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31 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Here are 31 Facts About Indonesia

1. Senayan stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, is the largest stadium in the world when completed in 1962 to host the Asian Games. Capacity that can accommodate up to 100,000 people.

2. Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) found in Indonesia is the largest lizard in the world, they can grow up to 3 meters (9.8 feet) long.

3. The world’s largest flower, Rafflesia Arnoldi, weighs 7 kg (15 pounds) and grows only on the Sumatra island of Indonesia. Petals grow 0.5 meters (1.6 feet) long and 2.5 cm (1 inch) thick.

4. According to the Global Corruption Report 2004, former Indonesian President Suharto is the number one most corrupt CEOs in the world.

5. Indonesia is the largest youth population in the world with 165 million children under the age of 30, where only 8% of those aged over 60 years (National Bureau of Statistics, August 2001, quoted in the Post English daily “The Jakarta”, August 2001) .

6. Indonesia has the longest coastline in the world (about 85,000 km)

7. Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

8. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with over 18,000 islands.

9. Indonesia is the largest producer and exporter of LNG (liquefied natural gas) in the world, supplying more than 40 percent of the world market and is the world’s seventh-largest producer of natural gas

10. According to Transparency International, Indonesia is the eleventh most corrupt country in the world. (Source: Transparency International 2003)

11. Dolly, the name of a female prostitution center (red light district) is located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, is a center of prostitution largest ever established in Southeast Asia with more than 2,000 female prostitutes in one centralized location.

Yes, it’s bigger than the places in Thailand in one centralized location

12. Indonesia is a country (4) the fourth most populous in the world with approximately 224 million people (Source: U.S. Department of State Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs in May 2005 data)

13. Freeport’s Grasberg mine in West Papua Island, Indonesia, is the largest gold mine in the world. In addition, it is also the third largest copper mine in the world.

14. Lake Toba is: The largest lake in Southeast Asia, Largest Year-Round Lake in Southeast Asia, The World’s Largest Volcanic Lake

15. Borobudur temple in Central Java, Indonesia, is the largest Buddhist temple in the World, which was built in the 9th century, and is considered as one of the Wonders of the World are forgotten.

Overall height is 42 meters, but only 34.5 meters after restoration, and has dimensions of 123 x 123 meters (15,129 square meters). There are 10 floors. First floor to the sixth floor was square form, the seventh to the tenth floor of a circle.

Borobudur facing East with a total of 1460 panels (2 meters wide each). The total size of the temple walls was 2500 square meters. The total number of panels is 1212. According to the investigation, the number of Buddha statue was 504 including the intact and damaged statues.

16. The second largest island, third, and sixth in the world are in Indonesia. Guinea (the whole island, including West Papua and Papua New guniea) is the second largest, also known as Kalimantan, Borneo (throughout the island, including Brunei and Malaysia Sarawak) is the third largest, while the island of Sumatra is the sixth largest and is located entirely in Indonesia

17. In 1292 Marco Polo origin Venice, Italy, visited Aceh, North Sumatra, Indonesia, on the way back from China to Persia and reported that the northern part of the island has a total of six busy trading ports including Perlak, Ocean and Lambri.

Yes, this is the same as the Indonesian province of Aceh are almost entirely wiped out from the face of the earth by the recent tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in December 2004.

18. The smell of flowers on Earth called carrion flower (Amorphophallus titanum) which can grow to an average height of two meters (6.5 feet) are found in Indonesia. When it blooms, it releases a very foul odor comparable to rotten meat, which can be smelled half a mile away. This flower is also known as “tongue devil.” It was originally discovered in 1878 in the middle of the rain forest of Sumatra island, by the Italian botanist and explorer Dr Oroardo Beccari (Source: Guinness Book of World Records).

19. The longest snake ever found was in Sulawesi, Indonesia in 1912. It is a Python (Pytho reticulates) from Southeast Asia. Record length is 10 M (or approximately 32 ft 9.5 in) (Source: Guinness Book of World Records).

20. Jakarta is the most polluted city in the world THIRD, after Bangkok and Mexico City (source of an article in The Jakarta Post May 6, 2005)

21. That the highest number of people killed by the tsunami disaster in Aceh, Indonesia. Tsunami on December 26, 2004 has been confirmed as the most devastating in modern history. The death toll has about 300,000 people (Source: Guinness Book of World Records).

22. That the island of Kalimantan (Borneo) in Indonesia, are home to fish mudskipper (Periophthalmodon Schlosseri) also known as Fish Belacak / Belodok / Tembakul

Mudskipper fish are the only species of fish in the world that can climb trees, walk, even jump, and live and breath on land.

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23. Indonesia, under the name Dutch East Indies, was the first Asian team to participate in the FIFA World Cup when they qualified in 1938. But lost 6-0 in Reims (France) against Hungary. Sources: (Quoted from Wikipedia and verified in the AFC and FIFA website)

24. Flags of Indonesia and Monaco exactly the same!

25. Java is the most populous island in the world with about 150 million people.

26. Bogor Botanical Gardens (Botanical Garden) has the largest and best species in Asean.

27. The biggest explosion in the historic era on August 27, 1883, is the eruption of Krakatoa, an island of 47 square miles in the Sunda Strait, between Sumatra and Java. The resulting wave swept the 163 villages and killed 36,380 people. Waves of up to 55 km, 5330 km and the dust falls 10 days later. The explosion was heard four hours later on the island of Rodrigues, 4776 miles, like the roar of heavy guns and sounds more than a third of the world’s surface.

28. When Mount Tambora in Sumbawa, Indonesia (then the Dutch East Indies) erupted from April 5 to 10, 1815, 92,000 people were killed.

29. Indofood created a new Guinness World Record in the category “Greatest Package Instant Noodles” and broke the record for “Largest Mie Presentation”

30. Launched in 1976, the satellite Palapa A made Indonesia the world’s third nation to put a satellite into space.

31. Singapore is the creator of the Indonesian National Anthem (from Sumatra) Mr Zubir Said.


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