7 Natural Wonders Phenomenon Indonesia

1 . Not Stinging Jellyfish Lake Kakaban , East Kalimantan
Kakaban is one of the islands belonging to the Derawan Islands . Kakaban entered in Berau regency , East Kalimantan . Wonders who owned this area is brackish water lake , Lake Kakaban .

How not magic , this lake is known for having a unique ecosystem . If it had been known for jellyfish stings , in this lake actually had a jellyfish that did not sting .

Kakaban lake has 4 types of different jellyfish . These four types of jellyfish are moon jellyfish , spotted jellyfish , box jellyfish and jellyfish upside down .

Type upside down jellyfish that’s the most the most unique . Yes , because jellyfish are located at the bottom of the lake with tentacles facing upwards . One thing that is strange , because usually the jellyfish tentacles are upwards facing down .

2 . The eternal flame at the Kayangan Api , Java
One more miracle of nature that exist in Indonesia is an eternal flame . As the name implies , this fire always comes out of the ground and never goes out , once the rain flushed . If you would like to see this extraordinary phenomenon , a traveler can come to Kayangan Api , in Bojonegoro , East Java .

Kayangan fire is believed to have magical values ​​by the surrounding community . In addition to the Kayangan Api , there is also the eternal flame in the Prohibition Tököl Village , District Tlanakan , Pamekasan , Madura .

Was not only in East Java , Central Java also has an eternal flame . Known as the Eternal Fire Merapen , this natural wonder is located in the village of Manggarmas , Godong , Grobogan , Central Java .

Merapen Eternal fire is often used as a source of flame torches for various sporting events in the country . The fire source is also used for Buddhist ceremonies feast , the Vesak . Of Grobogan , the sacred fire was brought to Borobudur temple which became the center of the Holy Day of Vesak in Indonesia.

3 . White sand in the Baliem Valley , Papua
Who says there’s only sand at the beach ? The proof , Aikima village in the Baliem Valley , Jayawijaya , Papua , have white sand in the middle of the valley . Wonders of white sand that seemed to flow from the top of the hill , making flabbergasted traveler .

This unique panorama visible contrast with the background of green mountains and blue sky . When the sun poured its light to Paradise Earth , it also looks white sand sparkles .

The white sand there because of natural formations . Previously , Baliem Valley is a giant lake called WIO . Around 1813 , there was an earthquake that caused a shift and change in geology . From there the Baliem River formed in the middle of this valley . That said , the white sand Aikima Village is one of the ancient lake side .

4 . Blue fire in Kawah Ijen , East Java
Still from mainland East Java , Banyuwangi adventurers can see the natural wonders of the crater owned . Not only had the captivating sunrise , this crater also have a blue flame .

There are only two blue flame phenomena that occur in the world , namely in Iceland and Kawah Ijen in East Java . Even in a press conference in Banyuwangi Festival Sapta Pesona Building , eco tourism consultant , David Makaz confirmed that the phenomenon known as the blue fire was heard up to foreign countries.

To see the beauty of the blue flame , tourists have come at dawn . Only then , clear blue flame . Blue flame at Kawah Ijen is unique and rare . This miracle also adds to the perfection of nature which is owned Kawah Ijen .

5 . Salt on top of the mountain , Mount Krayan , East Kalimantan
Still in East Kalimantan , one more miracle here is that there is salt in the top of the mountain . The salt is in the well in the village of Long Midang , Mount Krayan within 100 km of the sea at a height of 2,400 m above sea level . Magic !

The resulting salt mountain in Krayan have the same appearance with sea salt , which is like sand and white . However , it turns out salt mountain has a higher iodine content than sea salt you know!

The process of making this any different salt with sea salt . The basic ingredients of a water well in the village of Long Midang , one night until the water boiled dry . Once dry , tertinggallah crystal grains which are soaked wet salt and salt is put into sticks and burned until the fire burned bamboo . Burnt remains is what is the dried salt which is then wrapped in leaves and ready for sale .

6 . Bono waves in Kampar River , Riau
River has waves like the ocean ? Of course this is a rare thing that rarely happens . This natural wonder , travelers can find in the Kampar River , Riau .

Even Bono waves is already well known to surfers . Proved recently , Bono became part of a wave of record-breaking longest and longest surf by Steve King , a British surfers . The record is also listed in the Guinness World Records .

This wave has a height of 4 to 6 feet that make the surfer feel challenged . Besides high , these waves are also long , so make surfing more exciting . This anomaly occurs because the current meeting of the Kampar River flows South China Sea .
7 . Pink Beach in Lombok and Flores
Indonesia is one country that has many beautiful beaches . What’s more , there is a beach with a uniqueness that no other beach . In Indonesia is not only one , but there are two beaches with pink sand . The two beaches are barracks Beach in Lombok , NTB and Pink Beach in Flores , NTT .

Location of the barracks is still hidden beach . Differences with Pink Beach is located on the island of Komodo , Flores , NTT , which is not a lot of beach known traveler.

Pink color on both the beach sand grains derived from red coral mixed with sea water . Then , the reflection of sunlight makes the color pink on sand is more visible .


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